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As stated in our Constitution, Activities Unlimited is organized to provide a means whereby retired and semi-retired men come together for fellowship, and to cultivate and expand hobbies or activities that may be of interest to any segment of the membership.  While we are sponsored by the Wyckoff Reformed Church we are non-sectarian and non-political.

We currently have approximately 350 members and support 22 different activities, covering a broad spectrum of interests.  Members are encouraged to participate in as many activities as they want.  Click HERE to access the activities section of the website for a description of each of our activities.

At each of our monthly meeting, new members are introduced. We want to make the process of joining Activities Unlimited as easy, welcoming and rewarding as possible.  If you are interested, and I hope you are, you may start the process by contacting our Membership Chairman, Walt Widmer at 201-562–8666 or myself, Herb Umland, at 201-891-6638.  Our website also provides a means of contacting us.


 Note from the President

        Organization Updates

New Members: Click Here to find out how to become a member of AU and to view our members participating in various activities.

In Memoriam: Click Here for details.

New Web-Pages: We are introducing a new page on our web-site that will allow members to reach out to other members. Click Here to experience this new web-page that is part of our Contact Us section of our web-site.

Also, we added a new page to our web-site that will show pictures of members who participate in various activities, functions and Trips and Tour events. Our latest event - The Beefsteak Dinner on January 16th has been added to the photo page.  Click Here to visit this new Photo Page … this page can also be accessed from the “About Us” page.

                   Other News

AU Guys -  our band is looking for new members with all instruments welcomed. Come and give us a try, you’re sure to have fun and join a great bunch of men.

AU Golfers - win over Ridgewood Hobbyist team in a Match Play Tournament on August 12th at Apple Greens Golf Club. Click Here to see full results.

AU Hikers - Five of the AU Hikers did a 10 mile hike on Monday, April 28th. Click here to see how one of the hikers prepared for the 5 mile return portion of the hike.

Annual Stock Picking Contest - click Here to see the latest results. Bill Foley is the winner for 2013 with an $82,364 gain. Second place was Don Fairbairn and third place went to Ed Schlachman.

Computer Threats - Click Here to read an interesting article titled Beware the Rise of Ransomware.  

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