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          The Next General Meeting is on Tuesday,                             March 13, 2018 at 1PM

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Activities Unlimited (AU) is a dynamic organization that provides retired and semi-retired men an opportunity to participate in a wide variety of hobbies and activities. It allows them to come together in the spirit of fellowship to enrich their lives with new and lasting friendships. AU has been in existence for more than 29 years and currently has approximately 380 members who participate in more than 25 club activities. AU also sponsors many other exciting and interesting functions, including trips and tours, an annual breakfast, a special luncheon and a Christmas Dinner Dance. Activities Unlimited is a non-profit, non-sectarian and non-political organization that is sponsored by the Wyckoff Reformed Church.


We encourage you to explore our website, the activities we currently offer and our Newsletter.  Should you wish to join, please click the link below, which will take you to our Membership section where details about joining and an application form will be found.

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Jim Webb, President


  Note from the President

         Organization Updates

New Members: Click Here to find out how to become a member of AU and to view our members participating in various activities.

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In Memoriam: Click Here for details.

Photo Web-Pages: Visit our photo pages. The annual Hike to Lake Minnewaska on October 12th has been added to the photo page. Click Here to visit this new Photo Page … this page can also be accessed from the “About Us” page or directly from the main navigation line at the top of each page. Below is a small sample from our Photo Web-Page.

Hiking Group - We are actively looking for new members. We hike each Monday from September to June … the hikes range from true mountain hikes to strolls along the Hudson River. All the hikes have one theme to get AU Members outside and get some exercise … and the hikes are very informative with some local history and at the same time experiencing some spectacular scenery. Several sample pictures are presented below (click picture to enlarge);

                    Other News

Interesting Article on Benefits of Hiking - All AU Members should read and maybe avail themselves of the benefits of the outdoors. Click Here for the Hiking Article.

Annual Stock Picking Contest - click Here to see the latest results. John Abrahamsen is in first place for January 2018 with Fred Theile’s portfolio in second place … and John Abrahamsen’s portfolio is the winner for December. Click Here to see Monthly ranking report. To view full set of monthly reports click here.

Quentin Wiest — Happy Birthday, Quent is 104 Click on picture

Photography Club … Click picture to see a great wild life picture taken by Sam Ohan.

AU Memorial Day Wreath 2016 (click on picture to expand).

AU Guys - click on the picture below to see the AU Guys Band entertain children at the WRC Preschool program.

AU Guys -  our band is looking for new members with all instruments welcomed. Come and give us a try, you’re sure to have fun and join a great bunch of men.

Computer Threats - Click Here to read an interesting article titled Beware the Rise of Ransomware.